Albert B. Ulrich is the author of The Reef Aquarium Book Series:
-The New Saltwater Aquarium Guide
-107 Tips For The Marine Aquarium
-How To Frag Corals
-Reef Journal

Albert's articles have been published in the "Aquarium Fish International" and "Aquarium Fish" magazines. His first tank was a ten gallon "hyposalinity"(freshwater) tank, with a red-ear slider turtle. Albert's first fish were a pair of feeder guppies that were intended to be turtle food but were overlooked and uneaten. Those guppies had babies in the tank and were the catalyst that got him started with his obsession of this great hobby. He has spawned and raised Banggai CardinalFish, assorted Clownfish and the Neon Goby with a nostalgic spot for soft corals.

Albert is also the founder and author of the