9:00 AM
Doors Open
Exhibit Room Open
OSRAS Membership Desk Opens
Pure Paradise Touch Tank Opens

11:00 AM
Speaker Chad Clayton
"Live feeds topics for hobbyists and breeders"

2:00 PM
Pure Paradise Touch Tank Closes
Speaker Al Ulrich
"Aquarium Troublemakers"

3:00 PM
Membership Desk Closes

3:30 PM
Special Vendor Tank Starts
Prize Drawing Starts

5:00 PM
Exhibit Room Closes

6:00 PM
"Dinner With The Speakers" Opens
6:30 PM
Speaker Rick Correira
"Breeding Fish and UV Painting"

7:00 PM
Special dinner Raffle

8:30 PM
"Dinner with The Speakers" Ends

8:30 PM
Conference Closes